How to Choose Text for Engraved Glassware

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Not sure what to give at your next corporate event? Engraved glassware may be the perfect solution to the question. Let Allogram help today!Glassware is an excellent gift choice for corporate events and gift giving. Quality glassware with a simple engraving will be used for years. The key is going simple with the engraving and personalizing the gift to each occasion.

Choosing the Text: Keep it Simple

For glassware, a short, simple engraving personalizes without distracting from the design. Glassware engraved with a company logo or motto is an excellent way of building brand recognition. These can be donated to auctions, used as centerpieces at events, or given away as raffle prizes.

For a corporate gift or reward, including the recipient’s name on the engraving personalizes the gift. A monogram is a decorative way of personalizing the glassware. You can design a traditional three-letter monogram by highlighting the surname initial in the center in a larger font size, with the smaller-sized first and middle initials to the left and right, respectively. For more information on our engraving, contact us.

Choosing the Glassware

An engraved flower vase is an elegant choice for a gift of appreciation, table centerpiece, or raffle prize. Engraved with a logo or monogram, the Erika vase works well for long stemmed flowers. It’s the perfect choice for a corporate event or work anniversary.

If evening T.V. shows are to be believed, no office (or English manor) can function without a set of shot glasses and a fancy decanter on hand. Celebrate a promotion or a newly hired executive with the necessary glassware.

A crystal ice bucket is a fun embellishment on any table. Pair it with a bottle of champagne to complete a gift basket. This combination is perfect as a donation for a charity raffle, or as a corporate gift.

If you’re company has a tradition of recognizing personal milestones, the Julia pitcher is the perfect gift for a house warming or wedding. Its classic design has an enduring presence that will be valued for years.

Looking for custom glassware for your next special occasion? Check out our full inventory of glassware for your next corporate event. Contact us to make an order and ask about our custom engraving.