Custom Drinking Glasses for Every Occasion

How do you keep employees motivated in the day to day grind? Celebrate the small milestones with these gift ideas. Contact us for Custom Drinking Glasses

Custom Drinking Glasses Gifts and awards are often reserved for large accomplishments that require long years of service. How do you keep employees feeling encouraged and appreciated in the short-term? Celebrate their small milestones and accomplishments. Custom drinking glasses are an excellent choice for awards or gifts because they’re both decorative and usable. They’re a … Continued

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Create a Recognition Program – it’s easy!

Creating a recognition program is simple.  Be creative.  Have fun – make it a party!  It is a celebration of success.  Enjoy it. A recognition program is an important and effective tool for motivation.  Effective motivation enhances the employee’s sense of accomplishment, contribution, involvement, and satisfaction. Motivating and recognizing employees is vital to the development of … Continued

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