5 Occasions for Gifting Engraved Wine Bottles

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Awards for good work aren’t the only way to create a positive work culture. Here are 5 occasions to show you value your employees as people. Recognizing personal goals and accomplishments in your employees’ lives will add positivity to the business culture at your company. An engraved wine bottle, or any engraved glassware, is a thoughtful way to commemorate important events in people’s lives.

Here are a few opportunities to celebrate personal milestones in your employee’s lives with engraved wine bottles. We’ll personalize any of our glassware to suit your occasion.

House Warming Gift

A house warming gift is a great way to celebrate a significant event in someone’s life. Pair the engraved wine bottle gift with a lovely wine decanter for a personalized serving set.

Anniversaries and Marriages

Whether it’s for a marriage or significant anniversary, an engraved wine bottle will become a treasured piece of memorabilia. Engrave it with a set of initials or date and pair it with a set of wine glasses to commemorate the occasion.

Additions to the Family

Engraved wine bottles are a classy upgrade to the traditional cigar handed out after the birth of a child. Let the new parents know they’re not forgotten by gifting them with some personal glassware. An engraved wine bottle paired with stemless wine glasses is an excellent gift for new parents to give them hope that life will eventually settle into a new normal.


Significant birthdays that end in 0 or 5 are a great opportunity to celebrate with engraved glassware. The engraving doesn’t have to include their age – particularly if they appear to be grieving the aging process. A personalized wine bottle is a classy way to celebrate.

Educational Achievements and Personal Accomplishments

Whether an employee finishes a degree started years ago, wins a competition, or publishes a book, they’ll appreciate recognition for achieving their goal. Celebrating these events shows you value a rich, full life. Your employee will bring that energy into the workplace and add to the company’s positive culture.

Making it Personal: Engraved Glassware for the Person Who Doesn’t Drink

If the recipient doesn’t drink wine, you can gift other glassware, including vases, ornaments, and picture frames. In the corporate world where non-drinkers are often forgotten, personalizing your gift to the recipient’s preferences will go a long way in showing you care about them.

Interested in finding out more about our engravings? Contact us to ask about our full line of engravable glassware and make an order.