5 Occasions for Custom Awards

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Want to award your employees but not sure how to get started? Here are a few custom award occasions to award the people who make your company successful. Recognition programs help everyone focus on success. When you’re on the lookout for reasons to award employees you create a positive frame of mind. You may start noticing the small achievements working together to produce the long term results you want.

How do you build a successful employee recognition program? Developing categories of awards is a good way to get started. Check out our ideas then browse our inventory of custom awards to give out at your next employee recognition event.

Work Accomplishments – For Motivation, Celebration, and Friendly Competition

What activities keep your business successful on a daily basis? It may be the large sales or acquisitions that keep your business thriving but a lot of smaller accomplishments go into reaching those important goals. Rewarding those will help you and your team recognize how everyone works together to achieve success.

Ongoing Education Accomplishments

To keep up with business standards, many employees use their personal time and resources toward ongoing training and education. Let them know you appreciate the extra effort.

Work Anniversaries – To Build Loyalty

The average employee stays at a job for under 5 years. Having a system for rewarding people who remain on the job is a great way to encourage loyalty.

Values Based Awards

What values are most important in your line of work? What reputation do you want to cultivate in the community? Awarding people who display these values is an important step in showing your commitment goes beyond a mission statement.

Fun and Creative Awards – To Keep It Light and Fun

The danger of awards programs is that they can become overly competitive or high pressure. Prevent your award program from heading in that direction by including categories that aren’t highly competitive. These don’t have to be repeated awards – they can be given out as they apply to celebrate the unique characters on your team.

Fun awards could include: the social sleuth, the health guru, the risk taker, the client whisperer etc. Take a look at your team and see what fun and interesting traits you discover.

Browse our inventory to pick out the perfect award for your next event and contact us to make an order.