How to Start an Employee of the Month Program

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Wondering how to show appreciation and keep employees motivated? An employee of the month program may be simpler than you think. An Employee of the Month program is an excellent way to make appreciation and recognition part of your company’s culture. Employees who know their work is appreciated experience higher job satisfaction, work harder, and are more likely to stay with a company.

It takes a little planning but you can establish the guidelines for an employee recognition program in an afternoon. Our inventory of corporate award and gifts will be your source for the final step – determining how you’ll honor the recipient of your Employee of the Month award.

Set Goals for the Program

All successful programs start out with well-defined goals. What’s the purpose of your program? What values do you want to encourage in your employees? Answering these questions will make the next two steps easier.

Create Criteria for the Award

Clear criteria prevent the award program from becoming subject to popularity or favoritism. Your criteria will be based on the goals set for the program and you’ll also need to decide on a few practical matters:

  • Who is eligible for the award (full time employees, part time employees, interns etc.)?
  • Can an employee receive the reward more than once?

Determine How the Recipient is Selected

Like having clear criteria, a process for selection is important to ensure the doling out of awards is fair. This can be done in any number of ways:

  • Employees nominate each other and a committee or supervisor decides
  • A supervisor nominates candidates and a committee decides
  • Anyone can nominate candidates and everyone votes

Choose the Award

Once you’ve figured out the details for the program, your last step is to choose the award. An Employee of the Month Plaque is often a perpetual award that the company keeps. Each month, a new name is engraved on the plaque and the employee might keep the award in their office until they pass it on to the next recipient. They may also receive a small gift or token of appreciation.

Photo plaques are also a popular choice for Employee of the Month programs. These are usually given out by larger companies and the employee keeps the award.

Is it time to get an Employee of the Month program started? Browse our inventory to pick out an award and contact us to make an order.