Why We Love a Personalized Decanter

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Looking for a gift that’s sophisticated, usable, and personal? Learn why a personalized decanter is the perfect gift for drinkers and non-drinkers alike. A personalized decanter is a sophisticated gift for everyone. Traditionally, decanters have been used for serving dense wines. Their drip-free pouring and stylish appeal have made them commonplace at many table. They can be filled with liquor, maple syrup, and other beverages to complement any setting.

The Wine Decanter: Wine Served at Its Finest

Decanting wine enhances the natural flavors by exposing it to oxygen. The undesirable flavors evaporate leaving behind a rich taste. The punt at the base of most decanters separates the wine from its natural sediment for a smoother drink.

Both our lead-free Essence Wine Decanter and Renata Wine Decanter are popular choices for people who want fast aeration and ease of pouring. Gift a decanter on its own or pair it with a dense, concentrated wine that will benefit from the decanting process.

The Liquor Decanter: More Than Mere Storage

Why do people store bourbon in a decanter? Because it’s more stylish than a bottle. A serving table with a decanter (or two) filled with liquor evokes feelings of ease and sophistication.

Our hand-blown Bluegrass Decanter or Craft Decanter are beautiful ornaments for any home or office. They stand alone as a gift or can be paired with any of your favorite liquors.

Decanters for the Non-Drinker

Don’t forget the non-drinkers when you’re handing out corporate gifts. Many people store maple syrup in a decanter for stylish serving and easy pouring. The wine decanters can be used for any beverage being served.

Gift a decanter with your beverage of choice to let the recipient know you’ve planned the gift specifically for them.

Personalizing Decanters Through Engraving

All of our decanters can be branded with a logo, text, or any personalization you want. For glassware, an engraved monogram is an elegant embellishment. We offer a wide range of fonts to create the perfect fit for anything in our collection of decanters.

Whether you’re looking for engravable glassware or any other corporate gift, our inventory is sure to meet your needs. Browse our collection and contact us if you have questions.