How Crystal Pyramids Represent the Importance of Core Values

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What do core values have to do with crystal pyramids? Find out how they’re related and why crystal pyramids make an excellent corporate gift. Crystal Pryamids


Core values are the foundational pieces that must be in place for a business to succeed. Identifying core values helps people prioritize and make decisions. They help clarify the direction of your company and communicate your vision to employees and clients.

The design of pyramids provides an illustration of the important role core values have in business. That’s why our crystal pyramids are such a popular choice when it comes time to give corporate gifts.

Core Values Keep Businesses Focused on Goals

Recognizing and honoring core values helps narrow your focus in a world full of distraction. Having a clear mission statement that explains your core values is a helpful tool for making decisions. Your core values will be the guide that moves your business forward.

The Most Important Core Values a Business Can Have

If you’re reading books on business or taking courses on building corporate culture, you’ll find lists of values that are important to corporate life. The names may change but the most important core values will center around integrity, humanitarian concerns, and customer service.

These key areas are vital to building a profitable business. When you start with a foundation that values people over products, you’ll be able to build a healthy business culture that attracts creative and energetic people.

The Pyramid as a Reminder of Core Values

Pyramids are built in an important sequence with the largest, strongest pieces on the bottom. If those foundational pieces have weaknesses, they must be repaired in order to maintain a solid foundation.

A crystal pyramid award is an excellent gift for an executive or employee to remind them of the core values that keep the business strong. It can be an award for someone who champions certain core values or has helped create the vision.

Whether it’s in the form of a paperweight or an award, an engraved crystal pyramid will stand as a reminder of your company’s founding principles.

Check out our full inventory of crystal pyramids to select the perfect gift for that team member who has helped your company stay true to your core values. Contact us to ask about our custom engraving or place an order.