Recognizing Your Creative Thinkers Through Globe Awards

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How do you encourage creative thinking in your business? Understand the traits of creative thinkers and how Globe Awards are representation of that.Creative people often shake up outdated systems and offer new solutions. They offer a global perspective to linear thinkers.

Because creative thinking involves risk, employees are often afraid to try new ideas. As the business world develops into a global community, the traits common to creative thinkers will become ever more important for successful business.

Let us help you build an employee recognition program that will encourage innovation and creativity. Understanding the process of creative thinking will help you give employees the encouragement they need to be successful.

The Process May Be Messy but the Success is Real

Innovation often comes from rephrasing questions. Ask a question in a different way and you’ll open up new possibilities for common problems.

The work process often looks different from others but true creative thinkers are hard at work on ideas. It may take a few failures before reaching a viable solution but those failures contribute to the final success.

Creative Thinkers Have A Global Perspective

The internet is creating a global community for business that requires engagement with many different cultures. As our area of impact increases, creative thinkers will play a key role in engaging with different perspectives.

Creative thinkers can look at a problem from many different angles and tend to be better at understanding where others are coming from. They can’t do it alone but as part of a team, they’ll help move business into this new era.

The Key to Creative Thinking

For employees to engage in creative thinking, they need to know they have support. They need to feel safe enough to take a risk that may lead to success. Recognizing the messy process that leads to new ideas and awarding creative thinking gives people the freedom to try new ideas.

For creative thinkers, our globe awards symbolize the unique perspective they offer. Globe awards represent the wide range of possibility that comes from ingenuity.

Would you like to award one of your employees for their creative thinking? Let us help. We have a large inventory of customizable awards. Contact us to ask questions or place an order.