Why People Should Use Allogram, Inc. Of Maryland For Custom Medals and Plaques

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Everyone loves recognition.  Many products can provide the positive feelings of appreciation including custom medals, plaques, acrylic or etched crystal.  Whatever you choose to use we will work with your to fine tune your message and design to show your recipient just how much you appreciate their efforts. Medals are not only used to encourage the repeat of good performances but also to cement relationships. They always remind the receiver the reason they received the award thereby making them work harder for more and better considerations in the future.  Race directors design medals worthy of collection by runners.  Some runners enter races based on the award medal they want to add to their collection.  These medals serve to remind the runner of their accomplishment.  The internet provides a vast number of choices to purchase medals but it is necessary that you find a reliable place where all your needs for medals will be satisfied. Due to the large number of shops selling such products deciding where to buy them from can be a difficult task. Allogram is one of the best shops creating custom medals and plaques in Timonium, MD. 

Bling Medallion
Bling Medal on white neck ribbon

Allogram carries a wide variety of recognition products to choose from.  We also design custom products just for your event.  The neck band that holds the medallion can also be customized.  Unique designs are key to an interesting and sought after medal.  We will work with you in Timonium or by email to develop your design, assuring you will have a successful event.

By visiting Allogram Inc. Timonium, you get a wide range of goods and services related to medals. You do not need to visit any other shop for related products. As per the economists, the larger the options the buyer or consumer has to choose from, the greater the satisfaction he or she gets. Some of the products Allogram Inc. Timonium stocks include not only medallions but display cases to show them off, bases, acrylic awards, cast awards, ceremonial items, clocks, crystal, desk accessories

Engraving Baltimore, MD
Diamond Drag Engraving Baltimore, MD

frames, glass, gift items, plaques, trophies, sculptures and many others. With all these categories in stock, the firm can satisfy all your needs relating to award and recognition products.


Allogram has many years of industry experience.  We have been designing awards since 1985. To learn more about us, click here.

Unlike the upcoming firms in the industry, Allogram Inc. Timonium has a long record in offering custom medals in  Timonium, MD. Having been in the industry for long, the company understands the dynamics of the industry and thus is in a better position do offer satisfactory services to the customers. Moreover, when you are not sure what kind of awards or gifts will suit your needs best Allogram Inc. Timonium will offer a more reliable advice as compared to the new firms in the industry. The firm is also able to produce high-quality products since it has produced many others in the past thereby improving through time and, they have extensive equipment for the production.

The prices are favorable

Price is a key factor affecting purchases decisions for any rational buyer. The prices offered by the firm are affordable to all; it is not a business for the rich but all. Being among Timonium’s largest shop selling gifts and awards, it enjoys economies of scale in production thereby able to offer its products at affordable prices. Moreover, it is well-established thus have all the production facilities in place and has efficient ways of getting the raw materials. It should, however, be noted that having its products priced low does not imply low quality.


Custom Medals, awards, gifts, and related products are not items you can afford to buy blindly; you need to be sure that you get a product that satisfies your needs without fail. Otherwise, it would be pointless giving a poor quality item to a hardworking person or a loved one. Be sure to get the highest quality product at the most competitive price by shopping at Allogram.  We will exceed your expectations for medals, plaques, custom acrylic, etched crystal and personalized gifts.  Visit one of our showrooms in Maryland and let us show you.