6 Trophy Awards that are Perfect for Non-Athletic Events

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Need trophy awards for your event? Whether you’re looking for teamwork trophies, traditional styles, or custom designs, you’ll find them here.Trophies are most popular in sports but there are plenty of non-athletic occasions for giving trophy awards. That’s why our inventory includes a selection of trophy awards that are perfect for different occasions.

Eagle Trophy for Leadership

The eagle has long been a symbolic figure in artwork. From its earliest depictions, the eagle has been an image of wisdom, strength, and courage. Atop a trophy, the eagle is a good choice for someone who has assumed responsibility for a team and is known for offering sound advice.

Awareness Trophy for Volunteers and Activists

These ribbon trophies come in many colors to support a wide range of causes. This is an excellent award for someone who has shown their support through volunteering time and services. Each color represents a different cause so find out what each ribbon represents before making your selection.

Gold Cup Trophy for Victory and Celebration

The gold cup is an enduring symbol of victory since Greece ruled the ancient world. Whether you have a friendly office competition or want to award a leading sales person, a gold cup is the classic award for a winner.

Star Casting Trophy to Celebrate Achievement

While the golden trophy cup symbolizes victory, the gold star celebrates achievement without necessarily including the competitive edge of a victory cup. This trophy is appropriate for any employee who has done superb work.

Teamwork Trophy for a Top Performing Group

Activating a group of people to accomplish a goal is no small feat. Celebrate those committees that accomplish tangible goals. For a creative thinking group, the Circle Teamwork trophy is an artistic depiction of the team spirit needed for success.

Customized Trophy Topper for All Occasions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we’ll cut a trophy topper out of acrylic in any shape to create a one-of-a-kind award. This could be a logo or some other important symbol.

Need a trophy for your next award ceremony? Browse our large selection of trophies and contact us to ask about custom creations.