Our 5 Favorite Uniquely Shaped Plaques for Special Occasions

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Can’t find the right plaque for your award ceremony? Check out a few of our favorites and learn about our option for custom designs special occasion plaquesA plaque engraved with a personal message is a memorable award. Sometimes an award plaque can be enhanced by choosing a design that compliments the sentiment of the award. For those occasions, we have a few unique designs. Best of all, we have options for customizing so you can order the perfect plaque for any occasion.

1 – The State Shaped Plaque for Citizenship and Community Service

This wooden plaque shaped like the state of Maryland (or any state) is an excellent choice for a citizenship award. The ideal recipient is someone who has a history of community involvement and has supported the health of the community.

Not from Maryland? Not a problem. We can design an acrylic award in the shape of any state.

2 – The Arrowhead Shield for Your Club or Organization

If your organization has a coat of arms, our collection of shield plaques is ideal for award ceremonies. These can be customized with a design of your choice.   They will include the text of your choice along with any graphic or logo.

3 – The Maltese Cross for a Traditional Symbol of Courage and Diligent Work

The Maltese cross has been around since the 1500s and its symbolic meaning has changed over time. The strong image of this cross evokes thoughts of determination, resourcefulness, and courage.

This is a good choice for scout clubs, volunteer organizations, or any group that has a strong emphasis on service and hard work.

4 – The Alder Wood Cross for Religious Organizations

The alder wood cross is a traditional symbol in many religious settings. Customize it with your logo and laser text and give it as an award or memorial.

5 – Your Own Custom Acrylic Shape for Any Occasion

The possibilities are endless if you choose to customize an acrylic award. We can cut acrylic into any shape to suit your needs whether it’s a logo or some other important symbol. Your custom order includes options for adding a hanging device or a base so the award can stand desktop or hang on a wall.

Whether you want a traditional square plaque or a unique acrylic award with your own design, we can fill your order. Check out our full inventory and contact us if you have questions.