Your Guide to Retirement Plaque Wording

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Are you stuck in the process of choosing out a retirement plaque? We’ll help you choose your retirement plaque wording today, give Allogram a call. If you’re engraving words on a plaque, you want to get it right the first time. Let our guide help you determine retirement plaque wording and pick out a plaque to suit your needs.

What to Include on a Retirement Plaque

A retirement plaque will usually include:

  • Name of the recipient
  • Name of the company
  • Date (either the years worked or the date of retirement)
  • Message of appreciation: this could be as simple as ‘Thank you for your years of work’ or ‘You will be missed” etc.
  • Optional: a famous quote, a selection from a poem, a longer personal message etc.

Presented to [Name]
In Appreciation for
[X] Years of Service
At [Name of Company]

The length of the message of appreciation will depend on the size of the plaque. For a more personal message, think about 3 traits that the retiree is known for. This could be dedication, leadership, friendship, humor etc.

Recognizing [Name]
Thank you for your
Leadership, Integrity, Service

Make it Personal: Customizing the Plaque

Depending on the style of the plaque, you can customize with longer text, a special engraving, or company logo.

The Basic Walnut Plaque is a simple choice with room for a short message honoring the recipient. If you want plenty of room for text, the Raised Panel Cherry Wood Plaque has plenty of room for a personal message to the recipient along with a quote or poem.

The Walnut Plaque with White Ceramic Tile is perfect for customizing with a company logo and including a short personal message.

When an image represents a person’s life work, the Rosewood Plaque with an engravable surface is a great choice. Whether the image is of a city for someone who has been in civil service or some other picture, this plaque offers plenty of room for a personal message along with customized artwork.

Our inventory of engravable plaques will provide the retirement gift you’re looking for. Contact us to ask about engraving and other customization’s available in our line of corporate awards and gifts.