The Recognition Plaque: It’s More than Just a Wall Hanging

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Why is employee appreciation so important? Here are 4 ways employee recognition improves your work environment. Recognition PlaqueEmployee appreciation and progress go hand in hand. Certainly, employees earn a paycheck for their hard work, but it’s not enough to keep them motivated. They need a human connection money can’t create. What will build that connection? Expressing appreciation for the work your employees do.

Here are just a few of the ways recognition plaques can help by providing a physical memento of your appreciation for your employee’s hard work. When it comes time to hand out personalized awards, browse our inventory of corporate plaques. Don’t forget to ask about personalized engravings!                                              

A Happy Workplace

Recognizing and showing appreciation for employees raises their level of happiness. Increasing the level of employee happiness in a company creates an environment where employees want to stay, work harder, and help the company progress.

Setting the Stage for Creativity

Getting creative requires a relaxing and rewarding environment. For those companies who thrive on creative employees, implementing a recognition program is a must. Especially when companies are in their early stages, creativity is what helps you grow and progress. Recognition plaques will foster a business culture that supports employees when they innovate with creativity.

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

While it’s tough for employees to give a company their heart and soul when they don’t feel appreciated, the opposite is also true. People love to go to work when they feel appreciated by their employer. This feeling raises their productivity and efficiency because they know their work is valued. This increased productivity and efficiency, in turn, leads them to do more great work!  

The Long Term Result: Employee Retention

It’s no secret one of the biggest reasons employees leave their company is they don’t feel appreciated. When employees are reminded that their work is appreciated, they are more likely to stay and keep working for the same company. Recognition plaques help employees remember their past success to motivate them to create future success.

Is it time to start encouraging your employees with recognition plaques? Contact us to browse our inventory of plaques and place an order.