Our Favorite Perpetual Trophies

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In search of perpetual trophies? Whether you need an award for a corporate event, community fundraiser, or fantasy football league, you’ll find it here. Perpetual trophies have a special allure because they’re fleeting. You may win the trophy one year but the next year, you’ll still be in competition to keep it. Your name engraved on the trophy gives you a permanent place but you’ll always be in competition to keep the award.

Traditional Gold Cup Trophy for Competitions

The traditional cup will forever be a symbol of 1st place victory. This perpetual award is appropriate for non-sports related competitions. It could be a winning team in your company or community center.

Winged Woman Perpetual Trophy for Recognition Ceremonies

The winged female victory on so many trophies is associated with Nike, the goddess of victory, speed, and strength. She’s appeared as a figure symbolizing victory and strength for thousands of years – most famously, in the form of a statue from the 2nd century BCE that now lives in the Louvre.

As a perpetual award, the winged victory trophy works well for a recognition ceremony, whether it’s for an alumni association, community center, or corporation.

Highly Customizable Perpetual Trophy With Plenty of Room for Engraving

What makes this trophy an excellent choice is you have so many options for customizing the figure at the top to suit your event. That customizable figure could be any sport or non-sport related image – get in touch to ask about your options. This three tier trophy comes in 3 sizes so you can pick the size that fits your needs.

Football Trophy for a Fantasy Football League

Whether it’s a team building game at work for a league among friends, a perpetual trophy for fantasy football is a fun way to keep the tradition going year after year. Whether you want your own version of the Lombardi Trophy or a trophy unique to fantasy football, you have many options in our inventory.

Check out our inventory of perpetual trophies for those awards that change hands each year. Don’t forget to ask about engraving and other customizations.