Top Desk Name Plaques for the Office

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Hiring a new employee? Learn about the importance of the first day and get off to a good start with one of our favorite Employee Name PlaquesEmployee Name Plaques


Everyone remembers the first time they saw their name engraved on a desk plaque. It’s not just an informational piece. It tells and employee (and a client) that this person belongs here.

Whether you’re choosing the most basic name plaque or customizing a special gift, the desk name plaque is an important part of welcoming a new employee on their first day.

Why is the First Day So Important?

Employees are one of your most important resources. They’re part of the makeup of your business culture. Their experience on the job is a large part of what makes your company successful.

Set them up for success from the very beginning by having a plan for their first day. Preparing their work area and creating a schedule for their first few days will help them get comfortable with the job. A solid start will equip them to manage themselves well in the weeks and years to come.

What about the Desk Name Plaque?

Providing a new employee with a fully functioning, personalized desk goes a long way in giving them confidence in your company. Whether you’ve hired a new executive or a recent college graduate, giving them a warm welcome lets everyone know you care about your team.

When choosing a desk name plaque, we have a few favorites for every type of work:

  1. Aluminum Desk Plate for the new intern or temp-to-hire
  2. Walnut Name Wedge for the new professional
  3. Carved Wood Name Block for the creative department
  4. Name Block with Double Pen Walnut Desk Set for the seasoned executive joining your team

If you’re hiring new employees or preparing a new office, let Allogram be your source for desk name plaques, badges, and accessories that add a personal touch to the corporate setting.