Custom Drinking Glasses for Every Occasion

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How do you keep employees motivated in the day to day grind? Celebrate the small milestones with these gift ideas.  Contact us for Custom Drinking GlassesGifts and awards are often reserved for large accomplishments that require long years of service. How do you keep employees feeling encouraged and appreciated in the short-term? Celebrate their small milestones and accomplishments.

Custom drinking glasses are an excellent choice for awards or gifts because they’re both decorative and usable. They’re a simple and inexpensive way of celebrating the small achievements that contribute to big success.

Ceramic Stein to Celebrate a One-Year Work Anniversary

Celebrating work anniversaries is a great way to build a sense of belonging in new employees. Show appreciation to an employee who has reached their 1st or 5th year work anniversary with one of our ceramic beer steins.

Place your logo on the front and engrave a short message. Your message could be a simple “Congratulations!” along with the anniversary date.

Glass Beer Mug to Celebrate Completion of a Project

All work projects move your business forward but not all of them will be glamorous. Recognizing the grunt work is a great way to keep your team motivated.

Our engravable glass mug makes a fun gift for these types of occasions. These freezable mugs are perfect for beer and other cold drinks. Engrave them with your logo or a funny quote and let everyone know their work is appreciated.

Wine Glass to Commemorate a Certification

Certifications and other tests are important for keeping your workplace up to code. Honor the extra time your employees put toward preparing for these tests with custom drinking glasses.

Wine glasses are the traditional celebration gift. Engrave them with a short message and include a bottle of fine wine to complete a gift basket.

Coffee Mug for a Gift to the Non-Drinker

People who don’t drink alcohol are often overlooked in the corporate setting. They often receive alcohol and wine glasses along with everyone else. Gifting a coffee mug to the non-drinker instead of a wine glass shows that you’ve put thought into their gift.

For an upgrade to the traditional coffee mug, try one of our Sunrise coffee mugs engraved with a company logo.

Presenting employees with branded and personalized drinkware not only shows them how much you appreciate them, but also shows them you care about the environment.  These branded drinkware items are made to use daily and eliminate the need for disposable products that clutter our landfills.

These are just a few of the drinking glasses in our inventory. Contact us if you’re looking for custom drinking glasses or other employee gifts.