Why a Crystal Apple is the Perfect Recognition for Your Favorite Role Model

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Ever wondered why the apple shows up in classrooms each fall? Learn how the crystal apple became a symbol of leadership and service.Crystal Apple


Throughout history, the apple has appeared in art as a symbol of knowledge and immortality. For many centuries, ‘apple’ was a generic name for many varieties of fruits. In the past couple of centuries, it has developed its own unique identity as a symbol of leadership, service, and abundance.

An Apple for the Teacher – but Why?

One of the traditions that helped the apple develop its identity is the tradition of bringing an apple to the teacher. Back in frontier days, feeding a teacher was the responsibility of the community. School starts up just as apples are in season so there was a ready supply to give teachers each fall.

While the practice of feeding the teacher has fallen away, giving an apple to the teacher has remained a gesture of gratitude. With its potential for engraving and sand etching, our optical crystal apple is an excellent token of appreciation for any teacher.

What does an Apple Represent Today?

In the US, the apple has become a symbol of appreciation to people who provide excellent leadership and dedicated service. After years of being associated with teachers, the apple has come to symbolize the wisdom and leadership that makes communities prosper.

The Crystal Apple – An Enduring Symbol

Engraved with a personal message, our crystal apple award is an enduring symbol of appreciation for someone’s positive influence. It makes the perfect award for someone whose wisdom has provided great leadership.

In business, an apple represents productivity and abundance. As an award, it can be given to someone who has helped a business and a community thrive.

A crystal apple is also a fitting award for someone who’s leadership has helped a younger generation prepare to take on new challenges. This could be a business person, teacher, coach, or volunteer.

Considering a crystal apple for your next award ceremony? Contact us to review our inventory of awards and mementos that express gratitude for the dedicated leaders in our world