Building Corporate Culture: When to Give Award Plaques

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Wondering how to create a positive culture in your business? Get started with these ideas for corporate awards. Let Allogram help you with Corporate AwardsPlenty of companies know they want to build a positive corporate culture but don’t know how. Creating an employee award program goes a long way toward building the habit of positive reinforcement and expressing appreciation for the work employees do.

Let us help your business create an effective recognition program with our inventory of customizable awards. It takes all sorts of talent to keep a business running. Here are just a few ways to recognize the different talents that keep your business strong.

Leadership Award:

Retaining employees gives a sense of confidence to clients and colleagues alike. These long term employees provide stability and mentoring that’s important for continuing business. A leadership award goes to senior employees who’ve developed their expertise after years of loyalty and dependability.

Due Diligence:

Often, employees are corrected when they make a mistake but are forgotten when they are doing their work well. This is an award for catching someone working well and doing their part to learn about the job and learn from their mistakes.

Client Whisperer:

Does your business interact with the public on a daily basis? Someone has to field those phone calls, problem solve with clients, and make sure each interaction goes smoothly. Some people have a natural gift while others have to learn these skills over time. A candidate for this award is nominated by both peers and supervisors and also has a good reputation with clients.

Peer to Peer Award:

What makes a person easy to work with? A good attitude, dependable work, good communication skills and more. Let employees set the criteria for the Peer-to-Peer award and nominate each other for being good team players. This is a great opportunity to encourage newer employees and interns.

Grunt Work Award:

In every office, there’s a person who does grunt work that keeps everything running smoothly. It may be the person who stocks the supply room, prepares the meetings, or knows where every last office supply is stored. Their work may not be glamorous but you couldn’t function without them.

Need plaques for your next award ceremony?  Our inventory has hundreds of beautiful, engravable awards. If you don’t find the design you’re looking for, we can customize an acrylic award to suit your purposes. Contact us to place an order.