Congratulations Senator Mikulski!

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A Champion for Maryland Seafood


Senator Mikulski has fought tirelessly to improve the Bay’s health and has supported the communities who depend on it for their livelihoods. She has earned the respect and affection of Chesapeake Bay watermen and the entire seafood industry for her tenacious efforts and success in keeping Maryland’s seafood industry alive and well in the most trying of times. This plaque sits in Dorchester County, the remaining home of Maryland’s seafood processors, to celebrate Senator Mikulski’s dedication to protect the culture of Maryland. The plaque celebrates her place in Maryland’s history as champion of these small businesses. She has fought for them and the Maryland seafood industry survives because of her efforts.

Chesapeake Bay Seafood Industries Association graciously presented this plaque to Barbara A. Mikulski, United States Senator.  The plaque is proudly displayed in Cambridge, Maryland and was designed and produced by Allogram, a Maryland based manufacturer of awards and recognition products.  Harness the power of recognition!