3 Occasions to Gift a Book Clock

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Needing gift ideas? Find out why a book clock may be the perfect gift for your next award ceremony or special occasion.  Contact Allogram today!Why does a clock make an excellent gift? An engraved clock is a proud messenger. You look at it every day to keep yourself on track. Every glance at the clock is a reminder of how the recipient is valued.

Gifting an engraved book clock can tell a person a lot about how you value their time or cherish the moments spent with them. Whether it’s romantic or professional, a book clock is a sophisticated, practical gift. When you purchase from Allogram, your gift can be engraved with a logo and custom message to make it personal.

Retirement: Honoring Time Spent at Work

How do you thank someone for years of dedicated work? A card and a check won’t communicate the significance of the many years of dedicated service. An engraved clock will be kept and used on a daily basis, providing a daily reminder of their accomplishments.

We recommend the American Walnut Book Clock as a retirement gift. Engrave it with the date of retirement and a message of congratulations or a quote.  With plenty of engraving area we can also include your logo or graphic.

Promotion: Daily Reminder of Their Value

The desk clock is an excellent gift to celebrate a promotion. It serves a practical purpose that will catch the eye of visitors. A personalized engraving message reminds everyone of the accomplishment.

More importantly, it creates a sense of belonging. The employee has invested time in the company and the company recognizes their investment and rewards the employee. It gives a sense of confidence to everyone.

We recommend the Solid American Walnut Book Clock engraved with the employee’s name and a message of appreciation.

Anniversary: Celebrating Time Spent Together

Given to celebrate an anniversary, a clock represents time past and time to come. Engrave it with a message of love for your significant other and let them know you cherish the time you’ve spent with them and look forward to the coming years.

With its rosewood and classic timepiece, the Book Shape Clock is a beautiful memento of time spent with someone you love.

We have a full inventory of book clocks. Each can be personalized with an engraved message. Whether you’re looking for a practical award or personal gift, the book clock is an excellent choice. Get in touch to ask about custom engraving and make your order.