Believe In Your People – Ideas for Award Titles

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Diverse hands linked in unityDo you want to recognize excellence in your organization, but don’t know where to start?  Here are a few ideas to spur your thoughts.  Pick one that fits…or two or three…you set the limits and the budget.

Excellence Award-This category can recognize not just those who perform their job with excellence but those who go beyond the expected.  Do you have an employee who exceeds your expectations?  Someone who stands out above the rest?

Bright Idea Award-This title is for organizations that value creativity and employee feedback. Has someone on your staff provided an idea that improves efficiency, quality, or advances the goals and mission of the organization?

Customer Service Award-This award recognizes service that consistently goes above and beyond to meet the needs and expectations of customers.  Do you know someone who has the ability to smile and excel in challenging situations? If so you want to keep them on your team!

Leadership Award-There are many facets to a leadership award.  Select the one that fits your situation best.  Do you have team members who embrace and excel in leadership roles?  Are they….

Adaptable: able to adjust their behavior to work efficiently and effectively in light of new information, changing situations, or different environments?

Customer Focused: providing an excellent level of service to customers, identifying and responding to their needs?

Accountable: personally accountable to uphold ethical standards, building trusting relationships through honesty, openness, fairness, and living up to commitments?

Respectful: demonstrating a genuine appreciation for others, valuing diversity by treating everyone with high regard and consideration for their individual differences as well as maintaining the highest level of professionalism?

Teamwork: working effectively to collaborate with others to achieve common goals.  Do they listen and communicate in a way that respects and supports the team?

Positive Attitude Award-This category will recognize individuals whose positive attitude and enthusiasm promotes a successful work environment which infects others. Do you have someone who makes an extraordinary effort to support others and whose efforts improve morale in the department?

Quality Award-This category is used where the quality of the work performed is valued over quantity.  Should you recognize someone who takes the time to do excellent work while maintaining efficiency and meeting deadlines?

Record Breaker Award-This category is designed to recognize an individual or team that breaks a standing departmental record that relates to the department’s mission.  The record should be clearly defined and quantitatively measurable. Do you know someone who should be rewarded for hard work and performance that met a measurable goal without sacrificing quality or service to do so?  Examples might include fundraising, processing applications, selling subscriptions or getting the highest grade.

Safety Award –This award recognizes efforts made by the employee or department to reduce accidents and injuries on the job.  This award is designed to create interest in accident prevention measures and promote safety in the workplace.

Volunteer or Community Award This category recognizes employees who have demonstrated excellence in giving back to their community through their volunteer work or contributions to events, nonprofit organizations, or groups outside of their work environment.

I’m confident you have staff members who deserve some form of recognition.  Select the categories that fit your goals and we can find an award to fit your culture and budget.  If you take the time to recognize their efforts you will see their good and productive behaviors repeated and enormous gains to your bottom line.  Harness the Power of Recognition.